Security Assessments & Firearms Training for Church Security Teams

With the epidemic of violent assaults on the rise, especially mass shootings around the country, and the reduction of police budgets it is important for worship places and the armed citizens learn how to defend themselves and their families.

To achieve well-trained individuals and teams, Texas-based LPT Security Consulting and its partner ISI Training Center are well-equipped to assist in ways that produce measurable, tangible, helpful results.

LPT Security Consulting and its business partner ISI Training Center provide security-based engagements of all types and sizes, from the highest levels of Government to schools, worship places, hotels and social centers at the local level. These include Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Disaster Response / Recovery, Security Assessments, and Security Training.

Our approach to your needs:

  • After your initial phone consultation, we will arrange a conference call to take as much time as needed to understand your concerns, your physical layout, and discuss your requirements for training.  It is a collaborative process.
  • The two aspects of this program consist of a security assessment and firearms training.  They can be conducted as individual components or they can be conducted as a full approach.  There is no need to schedule them both. We understand the budget process, the timing of availability, and discussions that may precede decisions. We work with you and your schedules as best possible.
  • Based on our discussions, you will be provided an outline of our understanding of the services you want.  Once the scope of work is agreed upon, you will be provided a detailed proposal within a few days.  We will also establish tentative dates.
  • Upon agreement of the services, the assessment and/or firearms training will be scheduled.  Again, we are committed to working with you and your team.  If your team is not available for firearms training and the assessment process within the same time frame, we will schedule the two aspects to suit your needs.
  • The assessment may last more than one day depending on the size of your facility.  Upon completion the findings and recommendations will be discussed verbally and/or in writing through a comprehensive report.
  • Firearms training is traditionally conducted after the assessment.  This allows instructors to become familiarized with those findings and to plan for a future on-site drills.  We emphasize that our instructors are licensed by the State of Texas.
  • Firearm training leads to exercises conducted within your facility.  This is an option but we feel it is important to blend the firearms with the natural setting.  Practice like  you play.  Play like your practice.
  • In summary, a security assessment does not require firearms training and firearms training does not require an assessment be conducted.  Our goal is to provide a cost effective solution, not a one-size-fits-all program.

LPT Security Consulting and ISI Training are strategic consulting firms with a tactical and operational focus: Our combined fifty-plus years of experience in military planning, operations, policies, and procedures gives us a unique ability to translate our experience and expertise into real-world results in the public sector. We simply are reacting to recent events such as the Las Vegas Mass Shooting, the Orlando Night Club Terror Attack and Sutherland Spring Mass Shooting.  No two buildings are the same so we train at your facility for drills.  Firearms training is conducted at a convenient range location.  Our program is a big step in the right direction towards mitigating these types of incidents.

A law abiding citizen armed with a handgun during an armed confrontation has two objectives: A) self-defense and B) defending of others. Avoiding hurting innocent bystanders must be a priority. Operating a firearm, let alone a handgun in a crowded environment presents a challenge even to a professional law enforcement unit and especially to an armed and trained citizen. Shooting selectively requires a high level of marksmanship, cold and calculated mindset and sharp reflexes.

ISI Training Center has a solid and proven record of over 25 years training elite units from all US Military branches, SWAT teams, first responders, law abiding citizens and government personnel. We will use this experience to provide the best training available in the market today. All our instructors are Tier-1 level, internationally recognized and possess minimum five years of combat and instruction experience. Our customers include the US Navy Seals, FBI, and the Department of Justice.

Relevant topics covered during the course will be establish of

  • Concentric protection rings/target hardening
  • Preventive measures
  • Elevate security awareness
  • Tactical first aid
  • Firearms safety considerations
  • Weapon manipulation
  • Essential elements of pistol marksmanship
  • Shooting from cover and concealment
  • And most importantly target discrimination.

Students will learn to work individually and as a team. We train to all levels of security and firearms experience. We want to ensure your security team gains the best experience possible.

Train with the best. Call today (713) 899-2402 or by email