Retail Loss Prevention Expert Witness | J. Patrick Murphy


As a former Director of Loss Prevention Operations for a $16B retailer, I understand the depth and breadth of the challenges faced with retail security.

We provide services as a Security Expert Witness for both Plaintiff and Defense for cases involving serious injuries and death from shoplifting apprehensions by retail Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Departments.  We have over 35 years direct and consulting experience in both field and corporate retail loss prevention management.  We offer tremendous insight into policy and procedures, training and supervision, hiring practices.

We have been retained in cases involving big box retailers, prominent mall anchors, convenience store/gas stations, and free standing major retailers.  Prior cases include Wal Mart, Target, Sears, JC Penney, Macy’s, Best Buy, convenience store chains and others.  We have extensive experience with Wal-Mart’s Asset Protection cases involving shoplifters, customer injury from fleeing shoplifters,  and internal theft investigations.

We can also assist with cases involving Mall Security personnel and premises liability cases.

Our cases have involved:

  • Death or serious injury of employees or customers as a result of a robbery.
  • Death of store personnel or customers during shoplifting apprehensions.
  • Excessive force claims.
  • Serious injury to customers resulting from the pursuit of fleeing shoplifters.
  • Inadequate security on parking lots.
  • Inadequate hiring, training and supervision.
  • Malicious prosecution of employee theft.

Our qualifications include:

  • Director of Loss Prevention Operations for a 3000 store retail chain of $16B sales.
  • Development of training programs for the apprehension of shoplifters including use of force.
  • Direct experience in the apprehension of nearly 1000 shoplifters.
  • Direct experience in the investigation of over 700 employee thefts and fraud.
  • Trained in methodologies of interview and interrogation employed in internal theft cases.
  • Benchmarking performance of Loss Prevention staff via goals and objectives.
  • Development of Human Resource policies regarding termination of associates for serious violations of company policy or theft.
  • Direct experience with the use of polygraph as an investigative tool.
  • Direct experience with Inventory Accounting, Distribution, Controlled Drug inventory security and EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance.

Shoplifting apprehensions are high risk  See our on-going summary of shoplifter related deaths.

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