Security Assessments & Requests For Proposals

LPT Security Consulting is an independent security expert and consulting firm that is not affiliated with any service provider or vendor that may provide physical security hardware or services.

A security assessment can cover a lot of ground depending on the size and complexity of the company. However there is not a specific outline or standard for the areas to be reviewed. Said another way, a request for proposal is collaborative with the client and should not simply state: Provide a price to conduct a security assessment.

How We Approach Assessments

Review of appropriate policies and procedures, emergency response protocols, and current training initiatives and crime analysis.

On Site

  • Review of site(s) using concepts of CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) which includes landscaping, lighting, visibility, etc.
  • Development of risks and threats to security from within the site and from areas nearby.
  • Review of all physical security aspects to include review of access control management, key control, security of high risk areas, health of all systems
  • Consultation with appropriate supervisory personnel.
  • Consultation, where appropriate, with in-house/contract security, local law enforcement/first responders.
  • Meet with executives to discuss findings.


  • The report is thoroughly vetted prior to publication.
  • Recommendations are actionable and are prioritized. Likelihood and impact to organization is considered. Capital expense planning is included.
  • Assistance available for development of enterprise convergence of security systems such as CCTV.
  • Assistance available for the creation of RFPs for security vendors.
  • Security and emergency training is available.
  • Creation of company policy and procedures is available.
  • Highly customized program development is offered in the areas of training, awareness, response, policy and procedure.