Security Expert Witness Services

Testifying Security Expert J. Patrick Murphy of LPT Security Consulting is a subject matter expert in Security Management. He is available to testify as an expert witness in many areas including cases regarding:

When there are no national security standards, the jury needs to hear why the approach to security management is critical.  “Security” is a very broad subject so the Security Expert should assist Jurors understand the difference between what they inherently believe that “security” is or should be, versus whether a “reasonable standard of care” was or was not met.

Whether you are Plaintiff or Defense Counsel, with over 40 years in the industry, Patrick can assist you present the answer to the jury’s questions.

Pat Murphy delivers clarity to the diverse issues within security related cases.

Pat’s in-depth opinions and impressive knowledge as a forensic expert have been pivotal in providing the reports and testimony that have proven successful due to his 40-plus years of experience. His area of expertise assists juries understand the standard of care in cases of security negligence.

If your law firm needs a seasoned, professional security consultant who not only articulates an argument well but also appeals to juries, J. Patrick Murphy should be your first choice.

In addition to understanding the intricacies of the facts involved, Pat also assists attorneys in the preparation of discovery, deposition of witnesses, and trial testimony. His crime data analysis is cutting edge.  He is there from the beginning.

As Pat puts it — in his down-to-earth way, that judges and juries appreciate — “I’m different than most. I know case law. I dig deep in my research and investigation. My goal is to defend my opinions with data and facts to make the best case for my side of the argument.”

Pat’s thriving security consulting practice is based in Texas, but he is available to serve as an expert witness in any state in the US.  We serve Florida, California, Washington D.C., New York, and all other cities in the US.

Wondering if Pat’s extensive knowledge of security management and expertise in giving testimony are perfect for your upcoming court case? Here are the types of cases for which he is typically retained as an expert witness:




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  • Nightclub security or bouncers and contract security guard companies face the same challenges:  proper vetting of applicants, adequate training, and adequate supervisions.  To be successful in these areas there must be an “internal standard” created for employees and contractors to dictate acceptable behavior.  With no internal standards in place, security functions are nothing less than chaotic and actions are left to the imagination of the individual.  Reasonable care, therefore, is the key to negligent security claims.

    We have extensive experience with cases involving negligent security, negligent hiring, inadequate training and supervision in all security arenas.  For insight into suggested practices for nightclubs read our Nightclub Security Guide. Find Mr. Murphy’s CV here.

  • We have significant experience in the area of premises liability security cases involving issues of inadequate security, inadequate training, hiring and supervision and courtesy officers. We have boots-on-the-ground experience in developing and managing enterprise security programs, security hardware, training and staffing.

    We can assist you to establish foreseeability and to determine the reasonableness of security measures. We use the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, CAP Index, and local address-specific crime data.  Our expertise includes but is not limited to:  Apartment Communities, Bars and Other Adult Entertainment venues, Retail Malls and Shopping Centers, Parking Garages, Parking Lots, Motel, Restaurants. See our ABC13 interview on mall security. Find Mr. Murphy’s CV here.

  • Criminal background checks and other reference checks are often conducted in an inconsistent manner or may not be conducted at all.  Other than the requirements established by the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) there is no mandated definition of the look and depth of the content.  In short, there are no industry standards unless mandated by a governing body.  A company creates their own standards through policy and procedure.  This, however, can have a serious downside if totally neglected.  We have routinely testified in cases centered on or have an element of criminal background checks and routine reference checks. Negligent hiring cases, even those involving independent contractors, need an experienced expert to succeed.  Find Mr. Murphy’s CV here.

  • There are few testifying security experts in the United States who have our level of experience. We have an extensive background in Retail Loss Prevention management and consulting that spans over 35 years. This provides counsel with unique senior management insight into cases involving issues such as hiring, training and supervision, false arrest, shoplifting, excessive use of force, death during apprehensions, false imprisonment, employee theft, and wrongful termination. Prior cases include Wal Mart, Dillard’s, JC Penney, Sears, Macy’s, Sears, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, convenience store chains and others. We have extensive experience against Wal-Mart in Loss Prevention cases.  Find Mr. Murphy’s CV here.

  • Our security expert services extend into the area of that involve the examination of the adequacy of security hardware such as burglar alarms, robbery alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV), fencing, and other physical security implementations such as guards and policy/procedure. We also provide services regarding alarm failures connected with professional burglaries, such as the Cuban Mafia, fictitious pickups of goods and cargo theft at warehouses and distribution centers.  We have 35 years continuing experience in the design, specification and implementation of enterprise-wide security systems.  Find Mr. Murphy’s CV here.


Mr. Murphy is a consistent source for a security expert’s insight into current events and trends.