CAP Index and Social Disorganization

According to CAP Index‘s web site:

“It is an accepted criminological and policing theory that the amount of social disorganization and decline in a neighborhood has a direct correlation to the amount of crime that can be predicted to occur there.”

Corporations, security experts, consultants and expert witnesses rely on a number of resources for crime prevention and the implementation of security strategies.  When in the role of a security consultant, I am advising corporate clients on any number of areas such as security cameras, controlled access, active shooter program development and training.  As an security expert witness, I provide litigation support for attorneys who are representing clients in security-related personal injury cases.

CAP Index utilizes a social disorganization model that contains 150 variables.  Crime data from various police departments is one of those.  It is important for the end user to understand that CrimeCast maps do not represent actual crime as that data is only a part of their overall algorithm.

CAP Index can be an essential corporate security planning resource when combined with other factors specific to their particular industry or location.  There is never a single element to planning security.  It is a combination of planning, preparation, and execution.