The Future of Corporate Security

The Future of Corporate Security:  IT/Network Security and Corporate Security Combined


There was a time in the not too distant past, when the IT Department worked only on mainframes and the computer world connectivity was within your own building.  At the same time the company Security Department was charged with creating access badges, investigations, and, on occasion, they were consulted about broader threats to the business.  The two worlds are beginning to merge and today’s CIO will be managing both.

Cyber threats are only as well known as what is published by the press.

That is a scary thought.  Threats to a company’s physical and human security rarely are published unless it’s related to workplace violence and a mass shooting.  It takes two different mindsets to plan for these two areas but the commonality is both sectors are always looking for the worst-case scenario.  Today’s worst-case in anything is trumped by a new event globally that gains the attention of industry professionals.

It will take time to find the right mix of disciplines for the future CIO to be able to competently lead an organization.  A professional with a single career track will have a difficult time understanding the complexities of the other side.  Once the common ground is established, there will be a new paradigm in the security industry.